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Mold-Tested Low-Acid Organic Coffee

Mold-Tested Low-Acid Organic Coffee

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Grind: Whole-Bean
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Product Description

best chemical-free organic coffee

Heal Yes! Mold-Tested Low-Acid Organic Coffee: A Health-Conscious Choice for Coffee Aficionados

Indulge in the blend of our Heal Yes! Medium Roast, where classic taste meets modern health consciousness. Gentle on your body, our medium roast is a low-acid coffee that's mold-tested.

Entrust the Purity of Mold-Tested Coffee

Heal Yes! coffee undergoes stringent mold-testing processes to eliminate mycotoxins, common in many coffee varieties.

Each batch is certified mold-free, offering a deliciously safe and healthy coffee experience. Savor the true essence of coffee without any compromises on health or flavor.

Enjoy the Smoothness of Low-Acid Coffee

Specially selected and roasted to reduce acidity, every sip is a smooth, soothing journey. Ideal for those with acid sensitivity or digestive concerns, our low-acid coffee ensures that every cup is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Savor the Goodness of Organic

Our commitment to health extends to the environment. Our beans are organically grown, free from synthetic pesticides or chemicals, guaranteeing a cleaner, more natural flavor. This eco-friendly approach benefits not just your palate but also the planet and our dedicated farmers.

Heal Yes! - More Than Just Coffee

Heal Yes! Mold-Tested Low-Acid Organic Coffee is an embodiment of health, taste, and ethical responsibility. Each cup is a guilt-free treat, offering a rich and flavorful experience that's mindful of your well-being and the environment.

Perfect for starting your day or as a midday revitalization, our collection ensures you're always making the healthiest choice for your body and the Earth. Make your coffee moments count with a choice that's good for you and good for the world: Heal Yes! . . . where coffee meets care.

Brewing suggestions:

Use fresh water with minerals. If choosing whole-bean, grind¬†beans just before brewing. Heat water to approximately 200¬įF (93¬įC). Use and maintain clean equipment. Store beans in a dark, airtight container. A 12-ounce bag makes approximately¬†25-30 cups of 8-ounce coffee.

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