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From information about when we use titanium dioxide or mica and when we don't to which products are vegan to where we ship and how long shipping often takes + much more! This is your go-to hub for getting comprehensive Heal Yes! answers:


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Where can I see the formulas?

Each product page fully discloses the ingredients!

Some formulas contain [mica / titanium dioxide / a specific ingredient] while others do not; why the variance?

Clean cosmetic formulas are our priority, though each of us has specific ingredient needs: We have a variety of formulations to choose from in effort to cater to various ingredient, sensitivity, and allergen needs. Additionally, we always disclose all the ingredients on product pages and product labels.

A good starting point is within this very page you're viewing as well as the ingredient starting points here to find your specific products.

Often, our savvy supporters entrust us to provide specific formulas that match their ingredient needs; if you want to steer clear of an ingredient, we surely have options for you!

For instance, if you prefer or need makeup without mica, choose mica-free. Needing to avoid titanium dioxide? We have options without titanium dioxide. The list goes on and on!

Selecting from samples is a good starting point if you need a bit of direction!

Does Heal Yes! use nanoparticles in any formulas?

No, never! Nanoparticles are cosmetic ingredients so small in size they can allegedly permeate pores and enter the bloodstream (no thanks! Our bodies have enough to contend with!). We entrust cosmetic-grade particle sizes and even high-micron sizes!

Are the formulas fragrance-free?

Synthetic fragrances are always avoided among Heal Yes! formulas; naturally, scents or aromas come from raw ingredients themselves (e.g., lavender imparts a natural floral aroma; some organic oils and waxes smell clean and nutty; etc.).

Are Heal Yes! formulas vegan?

Most products are vegan, indeed, albeit some contain beeswax; the vegan collection is here. ​We use kosher or synthetic beeswax. Always, we avoid carmine.

Is Heal Yes! gluten-free?

Heal Yes! formulas do not use gluten, not even our vitamin E. If there is ever even a trace amount, it will be disclosed within the fully disclosed product page ingredient list. ​When and if we carry other brands that contain gluten, we will disclose such within the ingredient section on that respective product page.

Is Heal Yes! non-clogging?

We advocate learning which ingredients your skin appreciates and which you need to truly avoid, noting that your skin is unique to you: A specific natural, mineral, or other such ingredient may bother one individual but be nourishing to another. We are all different. Finding ingredient sets for your skin is a worthwhile process, and we are here to help.

Regarding hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic makeup, among other claims, there are not regimented, regulated testing methods to make formulas qualify for these statements: Analyze each formula's ingredient set and the company's trust factor and ethos carefully to make your own wise discernments!

Are all the products hypoallergenic / non-clogging / non-comedogenic?

According to, hypoallergenic cosmetics are products that manufacturers claim produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products. . . .

We seek to offer the purest array of ingredient combinations to appeal to various skin types and those with specific ingredient needs, whether due to sensitivities or allergies. Sensitivities and allergies vary greatly from person to person--and can be dynamic and chage within one person's lifetime--so we advocate knowing what you need to avoid at this point in time and choosing very discerningly among our clean formulas.

What we will not do is green-wash and make over-promising guarantees about something that would work for 'everyone' when we are all truly so very unique, with unique needs; there is no magic bullet product perfect for everyone, no matter how clean it is:

What we DO aim for is to have something--or a whole makeup bag full of formulas--perfect for you, and it may take sampling select option and trying various iterations to figure out what your skin loves most.

Regarding hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic makeup, among other claims, there are not regimented, regulated testing methods to make formulas qualify for these statements: Analyze each formula's ingredient set and the company's trust factor and ethos carefully to make your own wise discernments!

Aren't oils and waxes skin-clogging?

Heal Yes! uses organic, non-GMO, breathable oils and waxes among synergistic formulas.

Noxious, synthetic oils such as mineral oil and petrolatum are clogging and avoided. Do note that organic oils and waxes can be the opposite—gentle and even nourishing; select organic oils, waxes, and synergistic formulas can bode with even the most sensitive skin.

Please note that this is NOT to say that some people do not react to seemingly good ingredients, whether oils, waxes, butters, etc.: our bodies are ever-changing, dynamic, and unique:

Let's use shea butter, for example. One person's skin may love organic shea butter while another needs to avoid it; perhaps another person uses shea butter raw whereas another can use it only when it's in a specific synergistic formula (etc.). It's for the nuances that vary from person to person regarding our skin, bodies, and tolerance levels that we offer a happiness guarantee and sample selections!

Safety + more

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Is Heal Yes! a good option for those who are pregnant / nursing / of a certain age or condition? What if I'm undergoing a treatment?

What we can and do provide are clean cosmetic products with and without specific ingredients so you can make your best decisions among wonderful options. Regarding claims and conditions, it is in everyone's best interest to ask you to confer with your healthcare provider when it comes to ingredients and your specific safety concerns or needs. We contend that we offer the widest, most purposeful array of ingredients and omissions for you to review with trusted professionals accordingly.

Do products have and SPF rating?

The ingredients that lend the most sun-protective qualities are often titanium dioxide and zinc oxide; we turn to one or both for coverage-enhancing qualities, especially in our foundations. In the future we may obtain specific sun protection factors (e.g., SPF 30, SPF 40, etc.). Note that nanoparticles can be prominent in SPF-lending formulas; Heal Yes! will never use nanoparticles.

Are all the formulas cruelty-free, without animal testing?

Yes! From the raw ingredients themselves to the finished products, all are without animal cruelty! Read more about key factors within cruelty-free makeup here and about how veganism isn't inherently cruelty-free here. Additionally, read about overall cruelty-free benefits here and select among cruelty-free makeup brushes, too!

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