How to Patch-Test Cosmetics (the RIGHT Way!)


At Heal Yes! we take pride in crafting minimalistic, natural beauty and wellness products that cater to specific allergies and ingredient requirements.

Our supporters have sensitive skin but find solutions with us; often they've come to Heal Yes! after trying many other brands claiming to be natural and for sensitive skin. . . .

Before embarking on your journey to happy, healthy skin, it's wise and necessary to patch-test products the right way.

Yes, even Heal Yes! formulas.

Always, patch-testing is necessary.

After all, we can react to 'good' ingredients, too, so finding the right set of ingredients that truly agrees with your skin is imperative. Patch-testing will help you evaluate what's truly working for you:

To get started with patch-testing, first, choose the Heal Yes! product that aligns with your skin type and concerns. Do choose samples when possible; we offer an array of sample sizes within the Heal Yes! cosmetic range.

Choose a small, discreet area on your skin, such as the inner forearm or behind the ear, for the test. This area should be clean and free from any other skincare or cosmetic products.

Before applying the product, cleanse the chosen area gently with a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Pat the skin dry, ensuring it is completely clean before the patch test.

Once the skin is prepared, apply a small amount of the Heal Yes! product onto the selected area. Use a cotton swab or your fingertip to ensure precise application. A little goes a long way in patch-testing.

Allow the product to fully absorb into the skin, and then refrain from applying any other products to the tested area during the observation period. This will help isolate the effects of the formula you're assessing.

Exercise patience during the observation period, which typically spans 24 to 48 hours. During this time, monitor the test area for any signs of redness, irritation, itching, or other adverse reactions. If you notice any discomfort or reaction, remove the product immediately using a mild cleanser and discontinue use.

If the patch-test results are clear and you experience no adverse reactions, you can confidently incorporate the Heal Yes! clean cosmetic formula into your regular skincare and cosmetic routine.

Remember, patch-testing is an important step in ensuring the compatibility of your skin and a formula, even minimalistic and organic-based options like those within Heal Yes!

Introduce products slowly, allowing your skin to adapt. Again, we can react to both synthetic ingredients and natural and organic ones, so analyzing any and every formula is necessary.

Think of it this way:

A little patience and trial-and-error amid patch-testing, and, thereafter, a lot of days spent finally enjoying the products your skin agrees with and you trust.

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