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Mica is a lustrous mineral often used in makeup to add shimmer and softness. However, there are concerns with mica when it comes to manufacturing, inhalation, mining, and skin sensitivity:

Concerns with mica: Manufacturing

Mica ought not be inhaled. As is the case with clays and minerals in dust formats, exposure through inhalation can be a concern, which is why it is imperative that those who deal with mica in manufacturing wear proper protective gear and undertake protective measures.

Concerns with mica: Mining

Per the Bureau of International Labor Affairs:

The majority of mica mining occurs in the most marginalized of communities of Madagascar. Approximately 10,000 Malagasy children, as young as age 4, work in the worsts form of child labor alongside their families to extract mica in order to survive.  These vulnerable children often face chronic food insecurity.  Many children develop respiratory problems from the exposure to mica dust particles or face muscle and back pain from carrying heavy loads.  Some children suffocate due to a lack of oxygen while mining underground.[1]


Concerns with mica: Antagonist? Allergen?

Empirical evidence supporting mica as an allergen is lacking, but it is still possible that someone need to avoid mica due to reactions or sensitivities to it--whether in its 'natural' mined form or synthetic lab-produced counterpart. . . .

If your skin itches, reddens, develops a rash, or indicates it may be otherwise adversely affected by an ingredient, cease to use the formula in question. Analyze all the ingredients, purity, and quality of the formula:

Has it been stored properly? When is the expiration date? Would the same ingredient in another formula bode with your skin--i.e., is it a matter of sourcing or company reliability? Ask more relevant questions, too, such as whether other products--or even foods--could be affecting your skin. Compare how your skin reacts to formula without mica in effort to see how it fares for you. As always, confer with your trusted healthcare professional accordingly.

Mica produces a beautiful sparkle and glow normally--what do you and your skin think of it?

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