Collection: Mica-Free Makeup Options

Mica is a lustrous mineral often used in makeup to add shimmer and softness. However, there are concerns with mica when it comes to manufacturing, inhalation, mining, and skin sensitivity. As is the case with clays and minerals in dust formats, exposure through inhalation can be a concern, which is why it is imperative that those who deal with mica in manufacturing wear proper protective gear.

Empirical evidence supporting mica as an allergen is lacking, but it is still possible that someone need to avoid mica due to reactions or sensitivities to it--whether in its 'natural' mined form or synthetic lab-produced counterpart. Please read more about the pros and cons of mica; concerns in its manufacturing; the natural vs. synthetic micas; and more here.

Need products without mica? We’ve got the most top-rated mica-free options for you within this collection: