Love My Mouth Oral Tonic

Love My Mouth Oral Tonic

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Product Description

Gutable®'s Love My Mouth: A Potent Blend for Oral Health

Harnessing the power of nature, Gutable® presents its Love My Mouth, a one-ounce elixir crafted to promote oral health and maintain a fresh-mouth environment.

What truly sets Gutable®'s Love My Mouth apart is its synergistic blend of potent botanicals, each chosen for its specific role in enhancing oral health:

From the renowned antimicrobial properties of oregano oil to the invigorating sensation provided by discreet peppermint leaf essential oil, every ingredient in Gutable®'s formula works harmoniously to deliver optimal oral care results.

🌿 Embrace the Power of Nature with Our Transparent and Pure Ingredient List 🌿

Extra Virgin Olive Fruit Oil

Extra virgin olive fruit oil is a natural emollient, celebrated for its moisturizing properties and its contribution to oral wellness.

Peppermint Leaf Essential Oil

Peppermint leaf essential oil provides a refreshing and invigorating sensation, promoting fresh breath and a clean mouth feel. 

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove bud essential oil is highly valued for its antimicrobial properties, aiding in the battle against oral bacteria and supporting oral health.

Oregano Leaf Essential Oil

Oregano leaf essential oil is a natural powerhouse renowned for its antimicrobial properties, contributing to a healthy oral environment.

Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil

Tea tree leaf essential oil offers natural assistance in maintaining oral hygiene, with its antimicrobial properties targeting oral bacteria.

Rosemary Leaf Essential Oil

Rosemary leaf essential oil is esteemed for its refreshing aroma and potential benefits in promoting oral health.

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