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Labradorite Crystal Tea Infuser

Labradorite Crystal Tea Infuser

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Crystals are not only trendy but have stood the test of time, and for good reason: they're alleged to have properties that enhance wellness and may augment frequencies of the substances they surround and touch, such as, in the case of crystal tea infusion, your tea! 

Synergistic blends of non-GMO and organic herbs carry health allure in of themselves; when coupled with the purported benefits of crystals, a drink suddenly becomes all the more appealing! Enjoy these in-reach crystal tea infusers that are unique, conversation-starters, and, well, plain-out pretty!

Boil water, then add loose tea leaf into the infuser (approx. one teaspoon of loose tea per cup of water). Settle the infuser at the bottom of your preferred heat-withstanding cup. Pour hot water over the infuser and steep for about five minutes. 

Note on crystals: No two are the same; please expect variance. Hand-wash only.

crystal tea infusion

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