Propylene Glycol in Makeup

Propylene glycol is a compound that finds its way into numerous fields, from skincare to food to industrial applications. Propylene glycol plays a significant role in skincare and makeup; it's a humectant, meaning it has a remarkable ability to attract and retain moisture. It's also a fantastic emollient, giving makeup products a smooth, silky texture. It helps them glide effortlessly onto skin, ensuring even application and a flawless finish.

Propylene glycol also possesses preservative properties, extending the shelf life of makeup and skincare formulas.

For some individuals with sensitive skin, though, propylene glycol has the potential to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in certain cases. For this reason, Heal Yes! avoids it altogether, embracing alternatives that exist to cater to various preferences and needs, such as glycerin or aloe vera.