Nylon-12 in Cosmetics? No Thanks!

Nylon-12 is a synthetic polymer known for its durability and flexibility. Nylon-12 is created by combining various chemical compounds to form a resilient and silky-smooth substance. In cosmetics, it creates a smooth texture that enhances the application experience. Additionally, nylon-12 offers excellent oil absorption properties. It helps control shine, making it a popular choice for those with oily or combination skin. It also provides a matte finish, ensuring your makeup stays in place for longer, even in the face of heat and humidity.

However, those with sensitive or dry skin may find that nylon-12 can be a bit drying or irritating. And since nylon-12 is a synthetic, some may prefer more natural or eco-friendly alternatives; alternatives to nylon-12 include natural mineral-based ingredients such as mica, silica, or even rice powder, providing a smooth and silky texture without the potential drawbacks of nylon-12. (Each ingredient carries its own caveats, too, though; learn about mica here and silica and rice powder here!)