Mica-Free Eyeshadow

Is there makeup without mica? Is there mica-free eyeshadow?

Heal Yes! offers a range of mica-free eyeshadows here

Each product page fully discloses the ingredients.


Is mica okay in cosmetics? Is mica okay, specifically, in eyeshadow?

While mica is a common ingredient in eyeshadows, its safety in cosmetic formulations is generally considered acceptable. However, mica from overseas mines can carry the risk of being obtained via child labor! Additionally, some individuals may have sensitivities or allergies to mica. If you have specific concerns or reactions to mica, it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist or conduct a patch test before using mica-containing eyeshadows. Being that are eyes are sensitive and oh-so precious, it's imperative that you choose products with ingredients you approve of!

How are mica-free eyeshadows made?

To create eyeshadows without mica, manufacturers utilize alternative ingredients for color and shimmer. These formulations can still achieve a shimmering effect using substitutes like natural minerals or synthetic pigments. The exact method and ingredients used may vary between brands. When we at Heal Yes! avoid mica, as we do in the mica-free range, most products are without shimmer. IF we achieve shimmer without mica, it will be via a synthetic counterpart ingredient. You can find full ingredient lists on each respective product page.

What's the purpose of mica in eyeshadow in the first place?

Mica serves several purposes in eyeshadows. It provides a reflective quality, imparting shimmer and sparkle to the product. Mica also enhances the color payoff and helps create a smooth texture for easy application. In the absence of mica, alternative ingredients are used to achieve similar effects, ensuring the eyeshadows maintain their desired appearance and performance. Read more about mica, manufacturing concerns surrounding it, pros and ons, and more here!

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