How to Foil Eyeshadow

Note: This article is not about foil eyeshadow, a type of shimmery eyeshadow. It's about how to apply eyeshadow in a way that's referred to as 'foiling' (or 'baking' or 'strobing') in effort to get the eyeshadow--mineral eyeshadow in this case--to have utmost staying power and color payoff.

How to foil eyeshadow: make your minerals appear bold and long-lasting!

First, ensure you have materials you need, such as your preferred eyeshadow, brush, and substrate to help enhance the adhesion, staying power, and vivacity of the eyeshadow. Recommended:

One of our primers or simply purified water

Sensitive skin-approved mineral eyeshadows

A cruelty-free flat brush or angled brush

How to Foil: Summary

1. Choose your eyeshadow--we'll be referring to loose mineral eyeshadow here--and desired brush. Have a water or primer substrate ready, too.

2. If using loose mineral eyeshadow, tap some onto your product's lid.

3. Dampen your desired brush with pure water* or your natural, organic primer.

4. Swipe on your foiled shadow and layer and spread accordingly.

Foiling eyeshadow entails simply mixing your eyeshadow with a mixing substrate, such as the slightest amount of pure water* or your favorite natural primer. The effect produces a vivid mineral product that has truly impressive, long-lasting staying power. Whereas minerals can fade and fall during the day, producing a foiled result helps greatly enhance the likeliness that your desired eye makeup look stays put.

Steps to Foiling: 

Gather your materials, listed above.

If using loose mineral eyeshadow, tap some onto the interior of your product's lid. Be careful to avoid getting water or even primer directly into a product, makeup, natural, organic, or otherwise, as water can increase the risk of microbial contamination.

Dampen your brush. Dip it into your selected medium, whether the slightest amount of water or your primer. Your brush should be damp, not saturated, and certainly not prone to dripping.

Pick up your eyeshadow, mixed with your primer or substrate, with the right brush:

Utilize a cruelty-free angled or flat shader brush that will enable precise mixing of your foiled product and fine, careful application of it. When you pick up your eyeshadow pigment, tap it gently to remove any excess. Do still ensure you have enough on the brush to produce your desired vivid long-stay result.

Gently swipe your angled or flat shader brush onto your lid. We recommend starting as close to the upper lash-line as possible. Coat part of the eyelid or the entire. Continue foiling with other shades or persist with traditional mineral application techniques to achieve your desired blended result. Line along the lower lash-line, under or over eyeliner, if desired. Follow with your favorite natural mascara and eyeliner, depending on your routine's order of application.


Caveats to the Foiling Method:

If any mistakes, grab a q-tip to address the imperfections. 

There can be a slight learning curve to the foiling eyeshadow technique, so do practice first, if you can, and don't be afraid to test your foiled product on the back of your hand at times, too. Happy experimenting, mastering this skill, and loving the vivacity and staying power you achieve with your truly natural loose mineral eye formulas!

*Be careful to avoid getting water or even primer directly into a product, makeup, natural, organic, or otherwise, as water can increase the risk of microbial contamination. For this important reason we recommend utilizing loose minerals for foiling, since you are mixing away from the formula itself, whereas with a pressed powder formula, water or primer directly into the pressed formula could affect the formula's integrity and increase microbial growth risk.