Carmine-Free Eyeshadow

Whoa, hold on to your makeup brushes, folks, because we've got a wild fact for you! Did you know that some red pigments used in cosmetics, like lipstick and blush, actually come from...wait for it...bugs?

Yep, you heard right!

There's an insect called the cochineal bug, and these little critters hold the secret to a colorant called carmine. I know, it sounds a bit (a lot?) gross and surprising, but nature has some peculiar ways of making things vibrant. People collect these bugs, dry themout, and crush them to extract the intense red color.

Now, if the idea of bug-based cosmetics isn't your cup of tea, don't worry! Heal Yes! is full of carmine-free (we NEVER use carmine!) options that can still make you look like a million bucks without the bug factor.

So, eschew the eww and embrace the wow of the beauty world, and choose the products that suit your style and preferences. Bugs may have their role in nature, but you can rock your Heal Yes! makeup bug-free!