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Color Gray Hair With Henna

Color Gray Hair With Henna

Coloring gray hair with henna is a natural method to achieve reddish or reddish-brown hues; it's NOT used to achieve a lighter look. Henna is entrusted among health aficionados who want to achieve an updated hair color without noxious chemicals, but, still henna comes with pros and cons, which we'll address. Ultimately, we'll talk about henna as it relates to coloring hair, especially gray hair:

color gray hair with henna

First, what is henna?

Derived from a plant, henna has been utilized for centuries for hair dyeing and body art. Its popularity stems from its plant-based origin, making it a preferable choice for those seeking a more natural approach to hair coloring.

Why consider henna?

Henna imparts vibrant reddish tones to hair, often resulting in warm, rich shades that can vary based on your hair's natural color and the specific henna product used. Apart from its coloring properties, henna also offers conditioning benefits. It can enhance hair texture, add a noticeable shine, and contribute to hair's overall health.


Is henna a 'yes' for me?

The decision to use henna largely depends on factors such as your hair's condition and your desired outcome. Henna is known for effectively covering gray hair, although the results can manifest more prominently on gray strands. If your hair is in good condition, henna can be used without major concerns. However, for individuals with chemically treated or damaged hair, seeking professional advice before applying henna is recommended to ensure the best results and avoid potential issues.

Using henna

The process of using henna involves preparing a paste from henna powder mixed with a slightly acidic liquid, like lemon juice. This mixture is left to develop for several hours before application. To prevent staining, applying petroleum jelly around your hairline and ears is advisable. Once applied, your hair is wrapped to maintain moisture and facilitate color development. After a waiting period of a few hours, the henna is rinsed out with water, without using shampoo, to allow the color to fully set over the next 24 to 48 hours.

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Shades of henna and gray hair

When considering henna shades for gray hair, it's important to keep in mind that henna predominantly imparts reddish or reddish-brown tones due to its natural coloring properties. Gray hair, being lighter in color, can often pick up these warm hues more effectively. Here are some henna shade options to consider for gray hair:

Copper Red:

Henna naturally leans towards reddish tones, making copper red a popular and vibrant choice for gray hair. The warm reddish hues can blend beautifully with gray, creating a multidimensional effect.


If you're looking for a balance between red and brown, an auburn shade might be ideal. This shade offers a subtler, more natural-looking result while still infusing warmth into your gray hair.


A chestnut shade combines rich brown with reddish undertones. This can be a great option if you prefer a darker outcome with underlying warmth that complements your gray hair.


Mahogany is a deeper, more intense shade that adds a reddish-brown tint to your gray hair. It creates a bold and striking look, perfect for those who want a noticeable transformation.


If you're looking to experiment with more intense color, burgundy offers a deeper and purplish-red hue. It can provide a unique contrast against gray hair.

Strawberry Blonde and Blonde:

For a softer touch, consider a strawberry blonde shade. This shade leans more towards the blonde spectrum while incorporating subtle reddish undertones. Some henna products offer blends of different natural ingredients to create varying shades. These can be mixed to achieve a custom color that suits your preferences. Do note, though, that henna itself cannot lighten hair, so it will not yield a shade that clean would produce.


Ultimately, the final color outcome can vary based on factors such as your natural hair color, the henna product's quality, and the specific shade you choose. Since henna's primary color range is in the red and reddish-brown family, it might not produce other color variations like shades of black or blonde. Before proceeding, consider doing a strand test or consulting a professional to determine the shade that best aligns with your desired look.

Caveats when using henna

Despite its benefits, it's germane to consider a few factors before using henna. The outcome might not be consistent on all gray hairs, potentially resulting in various shades of orange or copper.

Henna tends to be permanent, fading gradually rather than washing out entirely.

If your hair has undergone chemical treatments or has been colored before, the interaction between henna and these chemicals can yield unpredictable results.

Performing a patch test before full application is imperative to identify any potential allergies or sensitivities to henna or its additives.

henna on gray hair

Also, potential contamination can occur with certain henna products. Some henna powders may be mixed with additives, such as metallic salts or synthetic dyes, to achieve specific colors or intensities; these contaminants can result in unwanted color outcomes, skin irritations, or adverse reactions. To mitigate these risks, it's recommended to choose reliable sources that offer pure, unadulterated henna powders. Careful scrutiny of ingredient labels, performing patch tests, and ensuring the authenticity of the product's origin can all contribute to reducing the likelihood of encountering henna products tainted by contaminants.

So, is henna for me or not?

Choosing henna to color gray hair can be a natural and enriching experience, especially for those seeking a reddish tint. Its historical use, along with its conditioning properties, makes it an attractive option. However, thorough research, appropriate preparation, and careful testing are vital to ensure desired results and minimize potential complications. Consulting a professional hairstylist is a wise step, particularly if uncertainties or prior treatments are involved.

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