Collection: Mermaid Glass, Mermaid Beads, and Mermaid Jewelry

Mermaid Glass

What is mermaid glass made out of?

Mermaid glass--the Heal Yes! definition--is glass that refracts light in a unique way, whether via a frosted finish or semi-transparent, color-diffusing fashion: it appears mystical and unique.

What is mermaid glass similar to?

It's not unlike aurora borealis jewelry, moonstone, and opal, which we have included within this collection.

A few popular related 'FAQs' regarding mermaid glass, beads, and jewelry:


What makes mermaid glass unique?

Mermaid glass nods to water in its color and/or light-diffusing properties; it appears multi-dimensional and 'magical.'

Mermaid Symbol

What is the meaning of mermaid jewelry?

Often redolent of the beauty of water and its light-refracting properties, mermaid jewelry, in our terms, refers to pieces that may represent vitality, femininity, and awe-inspiring properties.