Collection: Mineral Veil Setting Powder

Mineral Veil: Beauty with Versatility

Unveil the Mineral Veil, a mainstay that redefines your makeup routine, offering not just a setting powder but a simple-ingredient formula with a lasting effect within your makeup routine.

Does Mineral Veil work as a setting powder?

With its fine, soft texture and translucence, the Mineral Veil embraces multiple roles – setting your makeup while infusing your skin with a natural radiance, and, if needed, oil mitigation.

Mineral Veil Powder vs. Primer and Setting Powder

But what's the story behind Mineral Veil powder, and how does it stand apart from primer and setting powder?

Unlike primers that prepare your canvas, Mineral Veil is a finishing touch, an artful touch that diffuses fine lines and imperfections, unveiling a canvas that's airbrushed and radiant-looking yet natural.

Application: Before or After Foundation?

Mineral Veil revels in its adaptability. Sweep it over your foundation to lock in your masterpiece, cocooning your makeup with a luminous embrace that remains fresh throughout the day. Or, go with subtlety by wearing Mineral Veil alone, its touch softening imperfections and gifting your visage a subtle luminosity. Even use it systematically around the eye area to help set eyeshadow and mitigate the risk of smudging.

Sensitive Skin and Mineral Veil

Can Mineral Veil be your trusted go-to formula, and should you exercise caution with sensitive skin? The Mineral Veil's individuality is defined by a "barely there" allure achieved with, in our case, absolute-minimal ingredients. However, sensitivities vary – it's advisable to initiate with a patch-test if your skin is temperamental. Seek formulations that avoid potential irritants, and select Mineral Veil products infused with kind-to-skin ingredients such as those with Heal Yes!

Mineral Veil from Heal Yes!

Our Mineral Veil line is tailored for sensitive skin, and the simple ingredients are utilized for even the most sensitive skin:

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay, a versatile nature-given ingredient, holds a place in cosmetics due to its array of benefits. Its exceptional oil-absorbing capabilities make it an asset for products tailored to oily and combination skin types.

With detoxification as its forte, it plays a pivotal role in purifying masks and cleansers by extracting impurities and toxins. The gentle exfoliating properties contribute to smoother skin texture and the alleviation of irritations, rendering it suitable even for sensitive or inflamed skin.

Its role in refining skin tone and texture cannot be overlooked, working to minimize pores and promote uniformity.

This non-comedogenic clay accommodates various skin types, catering to the needs of dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

Beyond its efficacy, its contribution to enhancing product consistency and texture is valued in cosmetic formulations.

Being a mineral-derived, eco-friendly choice aligns well with sustainability considerations.

Furthermore, its utility extends to deodorants, body powders, and cosmetics like foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, and lip products, thus firmly establishing itself as an indispensable ingredient within the natural cosmetic landscape.

Rice Powder

Rice powder, a prized gem in the realm of cosmetics, brings forth a myriad of benefits that make it a cherished ingredient in various beauty formulations. Derived from finely milled rice, its natural prowess encompasses oil absorption that caters to oily and combination skin types, while its gentle exfoliating texture refines skin without causing irritation.

Moreover, this natural wonder holds the potential to illuminate and even out skin tone, making it an essential contender for combatting dullness and unevenness. Its anti-inflammatory properties lend a soothing touch to irritated skin, diminishing redness and discomfort.

Rich in ceramides, rice powder fortifies the skin's barrier, bolstering moisture retention and resilience against environmental aggressors. Antioxidants, including vitamin E, within rice powder can work to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to a youthful radiance.

When sourcing rice powder for cosmetic endeavors, prioritizing non-GMO origin serves as a beacon of responsible choice, intertwining purity and ethics into the beauty narrative.