Collection: Exfoliating Lip and Vitamin E Sticks

Lip Exfoliator can help your prepping routine with its clean ingredients and exfoliating texture; follow with the Heal Yes! Vitamin E Stick!

What does exfoliation do to your lips?  A gentle lip-scrubbing formula exfoliates in effort to prime your lips for a nurturing option, such as the Heal Yes! Vitamin E Stick and/or for silky-smooth, even-looking lipstick application. 

Is it good to exfoliate your lips? With a clean, pure formula that is gentle but effective--not overly abrasive--exfoliating lips can be a go-to choice in many people's routines.

How to exfoliate lips properly
Begin with clean lips, then apply your Heal Yes! Lip Exfoliator, layering as desired. Follow with a natural, skin- and lip-loving multifuctional balm or natural lipstick.