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What is the best harness for a dog?

Here at Heal Yes! we advocate choosing a harness that is comfortable, durable, highly functional, and offers just the right amount of control. Also, ensure your furry friend's halter is breathable and built to stand up to an active lifestyle.

Are harnesses safe for dogs?

Harnesses are an alternative to collars for dogs who pull and help allay the risk and pain collars can pose. Harnesses help distribute pressure across the chest and ribcage, rather than centering around a neck like a collar, and can be more comfortable for your furry friend.

As with every tool, they can be misused, though--e.g., put on too tightly; entangle long fur; etc. Take heed to measure correctly when making your choices and fashion on your pup correctly. Like collars, we suggest harnesses be worn when necessary but certainly not 24/7.  

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