Collection: Martingale Collars, Sighthound Collars, and Alternatives

Martingale and Sighthound Collars and alternatives, such as personalized harnesses

What is so special about a martingale collar?

Martingale collars are a way to help apply regulated, metered tension in response to dog's tugs and pulls on a leash. Unlike traditional slip or choke collars, martingale contain only a certain portion of the collar that can give and take with a dog's tugs and pulls and therefore should not carry the risks that traditional slip collars can pose.

Why do people use martingale collars?

Martingale collars are thought to be a more humanely designed alternative compared to traditional slip collars. The negative cues help regulate dog's tugging behavior on leashes. Like all tools, Martingale collars still have caveats and should not be worn all the time. If able, we suggest considering harnesses, especially those with strategic personalization, amid training and everyday walks and activity.

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